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Decisions are better when many perspectives are considered.

Train tracks leading towards the horizon with overhead wires and a train passing quickly.

Explore the multi-phased process that will lead to the delivery of HFR for Canadians; from selection of a private partner to co-develop and delivery.

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We strongly believe that good planning involves the community and better decisions are made when many perspectives are considered. Your opinion matters.

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HFR is gathering momentum, next stop is the Request for Qualification (RFQ) in early 2023.

Wide angle view of the Montreal skyline.

An Impact Assessment will help determine the proposed route HFR will travel, and identify how Canada’s new railway could affect the social, cultural, economic, built and natural environments.

Island in a river with forests on both sides of a body of water. Trees changing colours during the fall.

Through this procurement process, the Government of Canada will seek a private partner to take an innovative and collaborative approach for the engineering design and development of HFR.

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The HFR team is composed of accomplished and experienced professionals who aim to make this transformative project a reality.

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