Indigenous Engagement

The Government of Canada and the HFR Team are committed to creating and sustaining constructive dialogue and nation-to-nation relationships with Indigenous Peoples.

Our commitment is grounded in the principles of engaging early, meaningfully and in accordance with the principles of the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples. We are committed to reconciliation.

The participation of Indigenous Peoples is essential to the success of the HFR project. We are committed to fulfilling the Crown’s duty to consult through meaningful engagement with Indigenous Peoples throughout the project. We will collaborate with Indigenous Peoples to build strong relationships and create mutually beneficial socio-economic development opportunities.

As a complement to this work, the Government of Canada intends to select a private developer partner who prioritizes and values meaningful relationships with Indigenous Peoples.

People representing the HFR Team, engaging with Indigenous Peoples to gather insights and input on the High Frequency Rail (HFR) Project as part of the Indigenous engagement process. Creating a chart of important issues, including Indigenous Knowledge. Illustration.


Summary of the High Frequency Rail Request for Proposals

As part of its commitment to ongoing engagement and meaningful consultation, Canada is providing the following summary of the Request for Proposals (RFP) to Indigenous peoples.

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Principles for Engagement of Indigenous Peoples

The HFR Team is committed to meaningful dialogue and consultation founded on the key principles of fairness and transparency. We will include Indigenous Peoples at every step in the project in an open and flexible way.

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Indigenous Peoples Participation Funding

Your voice matters. Transport Canada is making grant funding available through the Community Participation Funding Program — High Frequency Rail.

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