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At VIA HFR, we prioritize openness and transparency by sharing information of our operations, activities, governance, and finances with the public. This reflects our commitment to building strong and trustful relationships with customers, partners, and the communities.

Proactive disclosure travel and hospitality expenses

VIA HFR is committed to demonstrating good governance, transparency, and adherence to both Government of Canada guidelines and VIA HFR Financial and Travel policies. This page includes information on the disclosure of travel and hospitality expenses incurred by our senior executives and Board of Directors. The data on this page is updated monthly to include new transactions reported within our financial records.

As the driving force behind the transformation of passenger rail services in Canada, VIA HFR encourages its senior managers to use of passenger rail transportation when travelling in the Québec to Toronto corridor for business purposes. When time and distance make travelling by train impractical, alternative means of transportation are also considered, allowing our senior managers to fulfill their responsibilities effectively.

Information that would normally be withheld under the Access to Information Act or Privacy Act does not appear in this section.

Corporate Plan

VIA HFR’s corporate plan summary provides an overview of the plans, operations, and strategies of our Crown corporation as we advance one of the largest passenger rail and infrastructure project in Canada’s history.

Summary of the 2023-24 - 2027-28 Corporate Plan and 2023-24 Operation Budget (PDF) (846 KB)

Quarterly Financial Report

Here you will find information about VIA HFR's activities and financial performance.

Quarterly Financial Report - 2023-24 Q1

Quarterly Financial Report - 2023-24 Q2

Quarterly Financial Report - 2023-24 Q3

Supply Chains Act Report

Report - May 31th 2024

Privacy Policy

VIA HFR – VIA TGF Inc. (“VIA HRF”) is committed to protecting your personal information and complying with its obligations under the Privacy Act (Canada) and the regulations adopted under it (collectively, the “Act”). The Act protects your personal information against disclosure or use that is inconsistent with the purposes for which it was collected. Moreover, the Act gives any individual the right to access their own personal information, to request that this information be corrected, or to demand that the information be withdrawn from databases or any other systems where it is stored.

The purpose of this Privacy Policy (the “Policy”) is to describe the measures adopted with respect to the collection, use and disclosure of personal information of individuals who interact with VIA HFR, whether this information is collected through our website or otherwise, in accordance with the requirements of the Act.

The Policy may be supplemented from time to time by other consents you provide to us and by the terms and conditions you agree to in connection, for example, with distribution lists or information sessions you sign up to, or surveys you enter.

The Policy does not apply to the collection, use and disclosure of VIA HFR employees’ personal information.

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