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Transport Canada is the Project Authority leading the project on behalf of the Minister of Transport, the accountable owner of the HFR project.

Building on the work done to date, the Government of Canada has established an HFR Team to advance the project through the procurement phase.

During the procurement phase, the HFR Team is led by Transport Canada and includes members from Infrastructure Canada, Public Services and Procurement Canada, VIA HFR, and is supported by the Department of Justice. VIA Rail Canada (VIA Rail) and the Canada Infrastructure Bank (CIB) are advisors to the project. The contribution of this multidisciplinary team, brought together through a commitment to collaboration and project optimization, and supported by external advisors with global expertise, provides the project with diverse knowledge, including technical, operational, procurement, commercial and financial. The responsibilities of each participant are as follows:

  • Transport Canada is the federal department that is the Project Authority and is sponsoring the HFR project.
  • Public Services and Procurement Canada is the Procurement Authority and will lead the procurement process.
  • Infrastructure Canada brings expertise in delivering large infrastructure projects.
  • VIA HFR will assist the government-led procurement process to select a private developer partner for the project. Once this partner is selected, VIA HFR will work with the partner to design and develop the new High Frequency Rail project, in close coordination with VIA Rail.
  • VIA Rail provides advice on the technical and operational aspects of passenger railway services.
  • The CIB provides advice on financial, commercial and transactional aspects of the HFR project. The CIB is also expected to be a potential investor in the HFR project.
  • The Department of Justice is the legal counsel to the Government of Canada.

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