About the Project

Destination HFR. Fast. Frequent. Reliable.

Reimagine passenger rail service on modern, accessible trains with improved operational performance, connecting Toronto, Peterborough, Ottawa, Montréal, Trois-Rivières and Québec City.

The HFR network will include mainly new, electrified and dedicated tracks that extend over 1,000 km. Travelling speeds could eventually reach 200 km per hour.

Who's Involved

Learn more about the government departments responsible for advancing the HFR project.

Meet the Team

The HFR board members and executive team bring diverse backgrounds and a wealth of experience in leadership, business and public service to advance HFR and transform passenger rail service in Canada.

HFR and You

Indigenous Engagement & Consultation

Input from Indigenous Peoples is essential to the success of HFR. The HFR Team is committed to creating and sustaining constructive dialogue and nation-to-nation relationships with Indigenous Peoples.

Public Engagement

We wish to build and sustain effective relationships based on mutual respect and trust with communities.
Our engagement activities are just getting started.

Project Delivery

Explore the multi-phased process that will lead to the delivery of HFR for Canadians; from selection of a private partner to co-develop and delivery.


Key Milestones

Read on to learn about key milestones and accomplishments for the HFR Project.

2023 - WE ARE HERE

On February 17, 2023, the Government of Canada launched a Request for Qualifications (RFQ). On July 20, 2023, the Government of Canada qualified three bidding teams to respond to the Request for Proposals published on October 13, 2023.


On December 15, the Minister of Transport announced the establishment of the VIA Rail Subsidiary—VIA HFR to support High Frequency Rail and appointed three founding members to its Board of Directors. Earlier in the fall the HFR Team appointed three professionals to enhance the expertise available to plan the HFR project.


Procurement is a multi-year process aimed at achieving better value for Canadians.


Impact Assessment

The HFR team is committed to meaningful public participation. Engagement activities are just getting started and will continue throughout each phase of the project, in line with the federal Impact Assessment required under the Impact Assessment Act.


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HFR and You

Good planning involves the community. Decisions are better when many perspectives are considered.

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