Principles for Engagement of Indigenous Peoples

The Government of Canada and the HFR Team will include Indigenous Peoples at every step in the project in an open and flexible way. The following principles and objectives will guide us.

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Relationship Building – Continue to build and maintain meaningful working relationships based on trust, integrity, openness, and credibility by acknowledging the past while committing to doing better in the future and ensuring that respect governs all interactions.

Mutual Respect – Undertake dialogue and engage in activities in a manner that promotes mutual respect and understanding.

Collaboration – Use a collaborative approach to meaningful and respectful engagement with Indigenous Peoples while working toward mutually beneficial outcomes.

Integrated and Inclusive Approaches – Ensure that all parties are working to a common goal by designing and utilizing engagement activities to develop a holistic understanding (social, economic, cultural, environmental, and historical contexts, intergovernmental issues, Indigenous Knowledge and uses).

Indigenous Expertise – Dialogue is critical to understanding Nation and community-specific instructions around Indigenous Knowledge processes and protocols for considering Indigenous Knowledge during the project planning process, with permission, when provided.

Cultural Awareness – Continuously demonstrate awareness of and respect for the unique culture and needs of the Indigenous Peoples by:

  • Showing awareness of and following community-specific communication protocols, as appropriate
  • Using culturally appropriate materials to ensure a thorough and successful Indigenous engagement process

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