Enhanced Experience for All

With new trains, more frequent departures and shorter travel times, HFR will be reliable, safe, accessible and enjoyable. The HFR project will improve connections and provide social and economic opportunities for Canadians by creating greater access to jobs, education and affordable housing.


People of various ages with luggage in a train station checking schedules and boarding High Frequency Rail trains, travelling from Québec City to Toronto. A safety first icon with a plus symbol is attached. Illustration.
A train moving forward with an icon of a person attached, symbolizing accessible High Frequency Rail stations and trains. Illustration

More accessible stations

A briefcase, symbolizing the improved access to jobs the High Frequency Rail (HFR) project will create. Illustration.

More jobs

A train moving forward with a check mark icon attached, symbolizing High Frequency Rail safety. Illustration

Safe intercity journeys

The HFR project will:

A train moving forward with a directional arrow icon attached, symbolizing the High Frequency Rail (HFR) project's intercity travel. Illustration.

Make travel in Canada’s most densely populated region more enjoyable and convenient by providing modern intercity rail between Toronto and Québec City.

A train, symbolizing the High Frequency Rail (HFR) project's fleet of new, accessible, eco-friendly, modern trains. Illustration.

Set new standards in passenger experience with a brand-new, accessible, eco-friendly and modern fleet of passenger trains.

A clock with an upward arrow icon attached, symbolizing the High Frequency Rail (HFR) project's frequent departures. Illustration.

More opportunities to get you to where you want to be with more frequent departures and reduced travel times on dedicated passenger tracks.

Two location icons with a wavy line of dashes connecting them, symbolizing travel between destinations via the High Frequency Rail (HFR) project. Illustration.

Bring frequent, faster and reliable rail to more people.

A train moving forward with an airplane flying behind it, symbolizing the High Frequency Rail (HFR) project's intermodal connections. Illustration.

Connections to public transit, roadways and airports.

A train moving forward with a safety first icon containing a plus symbol attached, symbolizing High Frequency Rail (HFR) project safety. Illustration.

Provide a safe alternative to car travel, with state-of-the-art technology.

A person standing in a circle, symbolizing High Frequency Rail (HFR) passengers. Illustration.

Offer more lifestyle options for students, seniors or anyone who wants to get onboard HFR.

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We know you have questions about HFR. Read our FAQ to get answers to the most asked-about topics.

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Public Engagement

We wish to build and sustain effective relationships based on mutual respect and trust with communities. Our engagement activities are just getting started.

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Indigenous Engagement

Input from Indigenous Peoples is essential to the success of HFR. The HFR Team is committed to creating and sustaining constructive dialogue and nation-to-nation relationships with Indigenous Peoples.

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