A bat study records and examines the sounds bats make to try and determine if a habitat is being used by bats and, if so, what species are present. Bats in Canada include both migratory species (bats who travel from one habitat to another during different times of the year) and resident species that hibernate in caves.

Little Brown Myotis.
Little Brown Myotis.

Where are bat studies taking place?

The 2024 bat studies will take place along sections of existing railway routes in Ontario, from Twin Elm up to Ottawa and down to Vars, and in Québec near Laval to the 740 highway in Québec City.

Why study bats?

Bat maternity roosts (where bats breed) and hibernation locations are provincially protected in Ontario through several pieces of legislation.

By conducting bat studies to determine what habitats are used by bats and which species are present, HFR planners will better understand how these might change while building and operating the new railway, and what is needed to protect bats and their habitats, while determining a baseline for future studies.

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