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The HFR Team appointed three professionals to enhance the expertise available to plan for High Frequency Rail. Collectively they bring a wealth of experience in project management, rail engineering, public affairs, Indigenous relations and stakeholder communications. Their addition to our team will enable us to turn this project into reality.

Headshot of Graeme Hampshire.

Project Director

Why I chose to work on this project?

I have witnessed the benefits and have firsthand knowledge of the transformative impact that modern, resilient, and sustainable rail services can have on people’s lives. I am grateful for the opportunity to join the HFR Team and bring my experience and knowledge of the rail and infrastructure sectors to make high frequency rail service in Canada a reality.


A chartered engineer for nearly 40 years, Graeme Hampshire has held senior positions in major transportation and infrastructure organizations in the rail and aviation sectors around the world. He has also played key roles with private and government organizations and national rail network. His clients have included project developers, regulators and operators across the supply chain.

In the UK rail sector, Graeme has over 20 years' experience in franchising and was Chairman of the Rail Delivery Group Reform Board. He was Business Development Director for Stagecoach plc, a UK rail and bus operator, and Franchise Director for the Strategic Rail Authority in the UK.

He has worked in all areas of franchising having leased and managed most of the UK network, either for the Strategic Rail Authority or for operators and led bids for some 12 franchises and contracts, including both Virgin West Coast and East Coast operations.

Prior to joining the High Frequency Rail project full time, he was involved in projects in throughout Europe, including the High Speed Line project in the Netherlands, Australia, Botswana and the United States. In Canada, he recently served as Consortium Director for the procurement of the Metrolinx OnCorr RER. He also played a leading role in the design of High Speed 1 in UK.

Graeme holds a MA from Cambridge University and an MBA from Brunel University. His wife Liz and four adult children are delighted he has taken this role.

Headshot of Richard Moura.

Director of Rail Access

Why I chose to work on this project?

This is a marquee project which will change the lives of Canadians for decades and a project that I want to be a part of. I also chose to work on this project for my kids. As my kids get older, I want them to have the ability to go to school and find a career in eastern Canada where they are always just a short train trip away for Sunday dinners.


Richard Moura has joined the HFR executive team as the Director of Rail Access. Richard is tasked with the critical mission of working collaboratively with host railways to increase both passenger service and freight capacity within Canada.

Richard will leverage his more than 15 years of private and public rail sector in the fields of engineering, operations and commercial negotiations. Richard is a professional engineer who has successfully managed, bid, closed and delivered some of Canada’s transformational rail projects over the last eight years.

Richard studied Photonics Engineering before moving into Rail Signalling for CN Rail. He then moved on to build a signals engineering group at Metrolinx where he helped deliver service improvements for the Greater Toronto Area. Finally, Richard moved on to SNC-Lavalin where he helped bid and deliver some of Canada’s iconic rail projects.

What his resume does not show is that he’s a life learner who uses physics and first-principles thinking to bring clarity to complex issues. When he’s not working on major infrastructure projects, he spends most of his time being a father of three young kids. Richard says, “My kids have taught me more in the last seven years than what I have learned through a lifetime of experiences, and I love every minute of it.”

Headshot of Jacques Fauteux.

Director of Strategic Engagement

Why I chose to work on this project?

I am excited to rekindle previous relationships and make new ones as I return to the passenger rail business. High Frequency Rail is a huge, complex and vitally important task. I am privileged to be part of the team responsible to contribute to this major infrastructure project which will benefit Canadians, our communities and environment.


Jacques Fauteux has returned to the passenger rail business and now leads communications, public affairs, Indigenous relations for the High Frequency Rail Integrated Project Office.

Prior to his present role, Jacques worked as the Assistant Chief Statistician responsible for Strategic Engagement at Statistics Canada where he directed a multi-disciplinary team of approximately 500 communications, dissemination and data access experts who helped more Canadians to connect with their data and statistical insights.

Before joining Statistics Canada, Jacques established and led VIA Rail’s Government and Community Relations office where he implemented a comprehensive strategy which helped the passenger rail company increase its visibility with key stakeholders and decision-makers. With his team, he built collaborative and productive relations with community and indigenous leaders, public servants and elected officials to advance some major, multi-billion dollar projects that are revitalizing intercity passenger rail travel.

For nearly seven years, Jacques served Canadians and elected officials. First as a deputy director in the Prime Minister's Office, and later as a director or chief of staff in the offices of ministers responsible for transport, infrastructure, economic development, national defence, Veterans’ affairs and the Asia–Pacific Gateway.

Jacques also served close to 25 years as a naval officer in the Canadian Armed Forces, where he managed the complex operations of a naval warship and directed public affairs teams in Canada as well as international operations.

Jacques holds an MBA from Royal Roads University, an Honours Bachelor of Arts (politics and history) from the Royal Military College of Canada, and a public relations certificate from Toronto Metropolitan University. He volunteers as a board member for the Ottawa Heart Institute Research Corporation, the Canadian Forces Liaison Council, and the World Remembers.

Jacques lives in Ottawa with his wife Joanne. He has three daughters. He is an avid but not necessarily fast cyclist. His creative pursuits include artisan bread-making and photography.

The addition of these three professionals to our team will allow us to pursue all of the steps that will lead to the realization of the most important rail project in over a century.

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