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What is HFR?


Passenger rail would be a more enjoyable and convenient way to travel in Canada’s most densely populated region, with a new fleet of trains, more frequent departures and shorter travel times. This option would improve connectivity and equitable access to passenger service by bringing intercity rail to new communities and a wider population in the Toronto, Ottawa, Montréal and Québec City areas.

People of various ages with luggage in a train station checking schedules and boarding High Frequency Rail trains, travelling from Québec City to Toronto. Illustration.

HFR has the potential to:

HFR via rail

Bring modern intercity rail between Toronto and Québec City, making travel in Canada’s most densely populated region more enjoyable and convenient for Canadians and tourists.

A train moving forward with a directional arrow icon attached, symbolizing the path forward. Illustration.

Provide excellent passenger experience with a brand new, accessible and modern fleet of trains.

via rail

Offer more frequent departures and reduced travel times since HFR will operate on mostly dedicated tracks.

HFR via

Connect more communities and improve access to major cities by bringing frequent, fast and reliable rail to new communities and a wider population, making it a more attractive option for intercity travel.


Connect to major transportation infrastructure, including public transit systems and airports in several regions.


Enable safe journeys between Toronto and Québec City by both operating according to high safety standards and providing a safer alternative to car travel.


Provide more lifestyle choices for students, seniors or anyone without a driver’s license or who chooses to drive less.

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