A water field study focuses on any waterway above ground including streams, rivers, lakes, wetlands, oceans and man-made reservoirs.

The study also examines rivers and streams, and focuses on the interactions between the physical shapes of natural channels of water, how they move water and sediment (like dirt, gravel, and mud), and the landforms they create.
Studying water will help HFR planners protect waterways while building and operating the new railway.

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Where are water studies happening?

These studies will take place between Laval to Québec City along the north side of the St. Lawrence River.

Water Quebec

Why study water?

Understanding the way water moves in lakes, rivers and streams is important for protecting habitats, species, land and buildings.

By studying surface water and the flow of rivers and streams, HFR’s planners will understand how we need to protect those environments in building and operating the proposed new railway.

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