Fish and Fish Habitat

The fish and fish habitat field study focuses on fish and where they live. The study will help HFR planners to protect the fish while building and operating the new railway.

A rainbow trout swimming in the water.

Where are fish and fish habitat studies happening?

Fish studies are generally timed to avoid spawning and early development. Our 2023 fish and fish habitat studies will occur between July and November.

The 2023 fish and fish habitat studies will take place along two railway routes. The first runs between Ottawa and de Beaujeu, just west of Montréal. The second runs from Laval to Québec City along the north side of the St. Lawrence River.

Fish Ontario 2

Why study fish and fish habitat?

All fish and fish habitats are protected under the federal Fisheries Act. By examining the conditions in a specific area, we can understand how to design protection while building and operating the new railway.

The studies will also observe other aquatic wildlife such as clams, mussels, scallops and invasive species. They will also look at underwater features like vegetation, rocks, gravel, sand and mud. These features influence the habitat and behavior of fish.

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